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Shipping starts from January 2023

Bownce Tokens (BWNC) distributed by the Bownce Swiss Distribution AG help you enjoy our ecosystem to the fullest.

What benefits do they provide?

- You will be able to pay for accessories and additional products in the bownce shop.

- You will unlock the gamification element and use Tokens as a bet in challenges in the bownce app. 

- Your Tokens will be available after activating your wallet in the bownce app. We will implement this function soon. Stay tuned!

Make your order and bownce will arrive soon directly to your door. And by the way, we deliver it for free.
Shipping starts from the 16th of January 2023.

Easy to set up and play


Integration with app

Free delivery

Easy to set up and play

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Easy to set up
and play

Fitness has never been so easy. Wherever you plan to train: at home, in the office, even in your garden — bownce fits everywhere. Set it up and give it a go!


Good for health

Invite your friend to join and play together or face a challenge within the bownce community. Keep yourself motivated and get all benefits for your health, starting with improved coordination, focus, and increased energy level.

Integration with app

Track your

Pair your bownce ball with the smartphone app and see the real-time statistics of your workouts. The app allows you to choose different playing modes and shows your training progress.

Free delivery

You order.
We ship.

Make your order and bownce will arrive soon directly to your door. And by the way, we deliver it for free.

Ball size
Diameter 86 mm
Weight 70 g

Base size
Diameter 280 mm

Total weight of the product box
5.2 kg

Length 2.2 m; can be used when installed indoors with a maximum ceiling height of 3.4 m

Minimum requirements to play
1.5m distance

Material & Texture
High quality coating textured for the perfect grip

Balls color
Galactic black, Indigo, Fire comet, Cosmic blue

Package Contents
The bownce ball, floor anchor, ceiling mount, rope, 2 batteries, user’s manual

Integrated sensors digitize the ball to measure your power, precision, and hit frequency.

Bluetooth connection
The bownce app connects with your ball via Bluetooth, visualizing your results, guiding you through training modes, and connecting you with other bowncers

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